The subaltern’s voice in the literature of Marcelino Freire

Renato Lima de Oliveira, Jacques Fux


This article analyses the representation of the subaltern in the literature of the Brazilian writer Marcelino Freire. We argue that Freire portrays the marginalized with a radical individuality, speaking for themselves and rejecting paternalism. We advance this interpretation by way of a contextualized reading of some of the short-stories present in two of his books: “Contos Negreiros” and “Rasif – mar que arrebenta”. Analytical categories from postcolonial, subaltern and libertarian theories are used to show how Freire mixes historical context, social disparities and individual motivation of subaltern, thus creating a displacement of the hegemony and agency of the marginalized.


Marcelino Freire. Subaltern. Periphery.

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