Chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of concentrated containing sunflower crushed seeds

Rafael Henrique Tonissi Buschinelli de Goes, Hellen Leles Lima, Sara Letícia Nocchi Cerilo, Maria Gizelma de Menezes Gressler, Euclides Reuter de Oliveira, Kelly Cristina da Silva Brabes, Katherini Aline Guimarães Nogueira, Keila Tais Dias Veloso


To evaluate the chemical composition and dry matter in vitro digestibility of concentrates with partial substitution of soybean meal with sunflower crushed, was used a randomized design with four treatments and four replications. The concentrates were composed of corn and soybean meal replaced by the sunflower crushes, in rates of 0, 20, 40 and 60%. The CP levels were not affected by the inclusion of sunflower crushed (P> 0.05), with mean of 28.1%, but the levels of EE, CF, NDF and ADF, where the replacement of 60% of soybean meal showed an average of 11.00, 14.78, 32.48 and 18.73% respectively. The increase in ADF, decreases total (TC) and non-structural (NEC) carbohydrates, DMIVD and TDN. The C00 had a higher IVDMD, 13.71% superiority of the C60, while C20 showed 8.96% of superiority. The TC and NEC reduced after 40% replacement, with an average of 57.62 and 26.15%. Concentrates with sunflower crushed presents average of NDT of 78.79%, reduction of 7.43% compared to the C00. Replacing up to 60% of soybean meal with sunflower crushed in concentrates; change the chemical composition and dry matter in vitro digestibility. 


beef cattle, chemical composition, NDF, ration, sunflower crushed

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Revista Agrarian 
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