Qualidade do lombo de cordeiros submetido a dois tipos de cozimento

Luis Gustavo Castro Alves, Alexandre Rodrigo Mendes Fernandes, Hélio de Almeida Ricardo, Romildo Marques de Oliveira, Camila Magalhães da Cunha, Thatiane da Cunha Cornélio, Adriana Sathie Ozaki Hirata, Ingrid Harumi de Souza Fuzikawa


This study aimed to evaluate the effect of baking in an electric oven or electric grill on the characteristics of cooking losses, shear force and sensory characteristics loin (muscle Longisssimus lumborum) of lambs. Were utilized 120 samples of loin from lambs slaughtered at six months age and body condition score 3,0 (normal). The experimental design was completely randomized with two treatments (oven or grill) with 60 repetitions. The results of cooking loss and shear force were subjected to analysis of variance. In sensory analysis, we used the acceptance test with a linear scale of 9 cm and the results were subjected to chi-square test. The weight loss was greater (p<0,05) in the electric grill. The two cooking methods are suitable for evaluating the qualitative characteristics of the loin. 


flavor, juiceness, lamb meat, tasters, tenderness

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Revista Agrarian 
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