Use of common salt (NaCl) in the control Epistylis sp. in hybrid sorubim

Robson Andrade Rodrigues, Milena Souza dos Santos Sanchez, Leticia Emiliani Fantini, André Luiz Nunes, Rodrigo Yutaka Dichoff Kasai, Cristiane Meldau de Campos


Epistylis sp. is an emerging parasite in Brazil that has been found frequently in sorubim during the initial production stages and, therefore, requires the establishment of prophylactic and therapeutic measures aiming at its control. Therefore, the present study aimed to evaluate the use of common salt to control Epistylis sp. in in hybrid sorubim. The fish (n=48) were randomly divided into four groups (12 fish per group) with three repetitions. The treatments consisted of three therapeutic baths performed every 48h during 20 min with varying concentrations of common salt as follows: 0.0%, 1.0%, 1.5% and 2.0%. Twenty four hours after the last bath, the fish were sampled for the parasite presence and bled. The 1.5% and 2.0% salt treatments eliminated the parasites in 82% and 78% of treated fish, respectively. Fish submitted to the 2.0% salt bath showed higher hematocrit and hemoglobin (p<0.05) values compared to the control group, in addition to the altered relative and absolute count of blood leukocytes. The common salt can be used to control Epistylis sp. in naturally infected juvenile sorubim. However it is believed that adequate cleaning of the tanks, through the removal of organic matter is also an important control tool Epistylis sp.


ciliophora, juvenile, Pseudoplatystoma spp. sessile peritrichs

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