Priming protocols on Lactuca sativa seeds evaluated by image analysis

Vitor Henrique Vaz Mondo, Francisco Guilhien Gomes Júnior, Silvio Moure Cicero, Mark A. Bennett, Miller B. McDonald


Seed priming treatment is seen as a viable and common technology to reduce time between seed sowing and seedling emergence. Normally the priming evaluation is conducted by germination assays, however for vigor analysis of seed lots, more precise, quick and efficient tests are desirable and it could be reach using the image analysis technique. This work aimed to analyze the efficiency of the Seed Vigor Image System (SVIS) evaluating priming protocols for lettuce seeds. Using two varieties, and two lots each, the priming treatments were conduct with PEG 8000 osmotic solution on four different duration, zero, 12, 24 and 36. For physiological potential evaluation, germination, seedling emergence and SVIS tests were conducted. The results obtained in this study have confirmed that SVIS is a practical and valuable approach to evaluate the efficacy of priming treatments in Lactuca sativa seed lots considered commercially valuable.


Lettuce seeds, osmoconditioning, physiological potential, seed quality

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Revista Agrarian 
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