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Resumo da Biografia K-pop mogul Yang Hyun-suk resigned Friday as mind of South Korea's major record agency YG Entertainment amid drug and love-making scandals that have connected their company.

Yang, owner and chief producer associated with YG Entertainment, said he or she would "step down via just about all positions and responsibilities" from the agency effective Friday.

토토사이트 추천Gangnam Style star Psy interrogated by police in relative to Yang Hyun-suk scandal -suk, who is typically the company CEO, in addition declared his resignation.

Himself a new member of the popular boyband Seo Tae Ji together with Boys in often the 1990s, Dalam Hyun-suk formulated YG in to a K-pop powerhouse with all the success associated with idol teams such as BIGBANG and BLACKPINK.

YG was as well behind typically the 2012 mega hit "Gangnam Style" by Psy of which elevated the standing up regarding K-pop to another level.

"I have dedicated the very last 23 years of our living to YG Amusement, micron Yang, 49, mentioned in a very statement.

But Andaz Brand Debuts in Sth Korea With the Beginning regarding Andaz Seoul Gangnam could very well no longer withstand "humiliating" allegations of his / her involvement in a very drug scandal that have already been "taken as if they had been true", he added in.

Often the announcement came after a good report simply by South Korean language broadcaster KBS that Yg had attempted to silence a new person that experienced provided illegal drugs to just one of his artists.

YG Enjoyment, considered one of Southwest Korea's top three entertainment firms alongside SM in addition to JYP, has been throughout very hot liquid after many of its performers were implicated in a spate of scandals.

Gangnam Style star Psy interrogated by police in connection to Yang Hyun-suk scandal -pop star Seungri, a BIGBANG participant whose real name can be Lee Seung-hyun, retired through show business in Walk after he was charged of arranging sex expert services regarding potential investors around his organization.

Fellow YG performer Ellie Han-bin, the participant of boyband andachtsbild, left the group on Friday amid allegations he got bought against the law drugs a few years ago around a new case Yang is reproached of trying to cover up.